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Photography with Large-Format Cameras

Using a large-format camera, such as a 4×5, is a specialized field and the editors of this book have included some very worthwhile and knowledgeable information on the subject. The book has nine sections plus an appendix and covers subjects ranging from view cameras and accessories to exposure and film choice to close-up photography.

Many of the chapters are very basic and go photography tips early morning into great detail about the operation of view cameras. The opening section explains different types of cameras, such as the flat bed and the monorail, and the advantages of each. The next section covers camera movements such as swings and tilts and explains what each does for the final picture.

Throughout the book are detailed diagrams and charts explaining the procedures and operations. The film section has an extensive listing of the different Kodak films available in both color and black-and-white. There are charts that explain how to load sheet film and a two-page display of the notch system used with Kodak film.


The filter section is detailed and extensive but some knowledge about using filters is needed to understand the information presented. Also, the section on close-up photography is very intricate and goes beyond the basic photography tips holding camera information presented in the rest of the book. This section would best be left until some practice with the view camera is obtained.

The book’s appendix shows a sequence of the view camera’s operations and reviews the basics explained in earlier sections of the book. All in all, this book is fine for someone who knows very little about large-format cameras, except for the advanced information as noted. Illustrations throughout the book show the outstanding photography which can be done with this type of camera.

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